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Meaning & Definition of Civil in English





1. Applying to ordinary citizens as contrasted with the military

  • "Civil authorities"
  • civil

2. Not rude

  • Marked by satisfactory (or especially minimal) adherence to social usages and sufficient but not noteworthy consideration for others
  • "Even if he didn't like them he should have been civil"- w.s. maugham
  • civil
  • ,
  • polite

3. Of or occurring within the state or between or among citizens of the state

  • "Civil affairs"
  • "Civil strife"
  • "Civil disobedience"
  • "Civil branches of government"
  • civil

4. Of or relating to or befitting citizens as individuals

  • "Civil rights"
  • "Civil liberty"
  • "Civic duties"
  • "Civic pride"
  • civil
  • ,
  • civic

5. (of divisions of time) legally recognized in ordinary affairs of life

  • "The civil calendar"
  • "A civil day begins at mean midnight"
  • civil

6. Of or in a condition of social order

  • "Civil peoples"
  • civil

Examples of using

What we are seeing now is a country teetering on the brink of civil war.
Steel is a widely-used material in civil construction.
Aluminium and glass are important materials in civil construction, even though not as important as steel and wood, for instance.