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Meaning & Definition of Circuit in English





1. An electrical device that provides a path for electrical current to flow

  • circuit,
  • electrical circuit,
  • electric circuit

2. A journey or route all the way around a particular place or area

  • "They took an extended tour of europe"
  • "We took a quick circuit of the park"
  • "A ten-day coach circuit of the island"
  • tour,
  • circuit

3. An established itinerary of venues or events that a particular group of people travel to

  • "She's a familiar name on the club circuit"
  • "On the lecture circuit"
  • "The judge makes a circuit of the courts in his district"
  • "The international tennis circuit"
  • circuit

4. The boundary line encompassing an area or object

  • "He had walked the full circumference of his land"
  • "A danger to all races over the whole circumference of the globe"
  • circumference,
  • circuit

5. (law) a judicial division of a state or the united states (so-called because originally judges traveled and held court in different locations)

  • One of the twelve groups of states in the united states that is covered by a particular circuit court of appeals
  • circuit

6. A racetrack for automobile races

  • racing circuit,
  • circuit

7. Movement once around a course

  • "He drove an extra lap just for insurance"
  • lap,
  • circle,
  • circuit


1. Make a circuit

  • "They were circuiting about the state"
  • circuit

Examples of using

The audience believed it to be part of the act, rather than a short circuit.
I spilled jam on the electric outlet and there was a short circuit.