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Meaning & Definition of Capable in English





1. (usually followed by `of') having capacity or ability

  • "Capable of winning"
  • "Capable of hard work"
  • "Capable of walking on two feet"
  • capable

2. Possibly accepting or permitting

  • "A passage capable of misinterpretation"
  • "Open to interpretation"
  • "An issue open to question"
  • "The time is fixed by the director and players and therefore subject to much variation"
  • capable,
  • open,
  • subject

3. (followed by `of') having the temperament or inclination for

  • "No one believed her capable of murder"
  • capable

4. Having the requisite qualities for

  • "Equal to the task"
  • "The work isn't up to the standard i require"
  • adequate to(p),
  • capable,
  • equal to(p),
  • up to(p)

5. Have the skills and qualifications to do things well

  • "Able teachers"
  • "A capable administrator"
  • "Children as young as 14 can be extremely capable and dependable"
  • able,
  • capable

Examples of using

The invention of the nuclear bomb means that we are capable of destroying ourselves.
Show her what you're capable of.
We are all capable of loving and being loved at the moment of our birth.