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Meaning & Definition of Broom in English





1. A cleaning implement for sweeping

  • Bundle of straws or twigs attached to a long handle
  • broom

2. Any of various shrubs of the genera cytisus or genista or spartium having long slender branches and racemes of yellow flowers

  • broom

3. Common old world heath represented by many varieties

  • Low evergreen grown widely in the northern hemisphere
  • heather,
  • ling,
  • Scots heather,
  • broom,
  • Calluna vulgaris


1. Sweep with a broom or as if with a broom

  • "Sweep the crumbs off the table"
  • "Sweep under the bed"
  • sweep,
  • broom

2. Finish with a broom

  • broom

Examples of using

Tom handed Mary the broom.
In the Netherlands, it is the custom that, when during the construction of a house the highest point has been reached and the roof is ready for tiling, the client treats the construction workers to so-called "tile beer" to celebrate this. A flag is then placed on the ridge of the house. If the client is too stingy to treat, not a flag, but a broom is placed.
A new broom sweeps clean.