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Meaning & Definition of Along in English





1. With a forward motion

  • "We drove along admiring the view"
  • "The horse trotted along at a steady pace"
  • "The circus traveled on to the next city"
  • "Move along"
  • "March on"
  • along,
  • on

2. In accompaniment or as a companion

  • "His little sister came along to the movies"
  • "I brought my camera along"
  • "Working along with his father"
  • along

3. To a more advanced state

  • "The work is moving along"
  • "Well along in their research"
  • "Hurrying their education along"
  • "Getting along in years"
  • along

4. In addition (usually followed by `with')

  • "We sent them food and some clothing went along in the package"
  • "Along with the package came a bill"
  • "Consider the advantages along with the disadvantages"
  • along

5. In line with a length or direction (often followed by `by' or `beside')

  • "Pass the word along"
  • "Ran along beside me"
  • "Cottages along by the river"
  • along

Examples of using

We managed to get along.
Do Tom and Mary get along?
Isn't it a pity that Tom and Mary can't get along with each other?