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Meaning & Definition of Alone in English





1. Isolated from others

  • "Could be alone in a crowded room"
  • "Was alone with her thoughts"
  • "I want to be alone"
  • alone(p)

2. Lacking companions or companionship

  • "He was alone when we met him"
  • "She is alone much of the time"
  • "The lone skier on the mountain"
  • "A lonely fisherman stood on a tuft of gravel"
  • "A lonely soul"
  • "A solitary traveler"
  • alone(p),
  • lone(a),
  • lonely(a),
  • solitary

3. Exclusive of anyone or anything else

  • "She alone believed him"
  • "Cannot live by bread alone"
  • "I'll have this car and this car only"
  • alone(p),
  • only

4. Radically distinctive and without equal

  • "He is alone in the field of microbiology"
  • "This theory is altogether alone in its penetration of the problem"
  • "Bach was unique in his handling of counterpoint"
  • "Craftsmen whose skill is unequaled"
  • "Unparalleled athletic ability"
  • "A breakdown of law unparalleled in our history"
  • alone(p),
  • unique,
  • unequaled,
  • unequalled,
  • unparalleled


1. Without any others being included or involved

  • "Was entirely to blame"
  • "A school devoted entirely to the needs of problem children"
  • "He works for mr. smith exclusively"
  • "Did it solely for money"
  • "The burden of proof rests on the prosecution alone"
  • "A privilege granted only to him"
  • entirely,
  • exclusively,
  • solely,
  • alone,
  • only

2. Without anybody else or anything else

  • "The child stayed home alone"
  • "The pillar stood alone, supporting nothing"
  • "He flew solo"
  • alone,
  • solo,
  • unaccompanied

Examples of using

To my surprise, since Tatoeba has been back up, nobody has made any corrections to my sentences. Either my English has rapidly improved and I now produce good sentences only, which is way doubtful, or the users have simply decided to leave me alone and let me write whatever comes to my mind.
The more people believe in some theory, the more is the probability that it's false. He who is right is alone in most cases.
I'll have to resign myself to being alone while you're away.