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Meaning & Definition of Able in English





1. (usually followed by `to') having the necessary means or skill or know-how or authority to do something

  • "Able to swim"
  • "She was able to program her computer"
  • "We were at last able to buy a car"
  • "Able to get a grant for the project"
  • able

2. Have the skills and qualifications to do things well

  • "Able teachers"
  • "A capable administrator"
  • "Children as young as 14 can be extremely capable and dependable"
  • able
  • ,
  • capable

3. Having inherent physical or mental ability or capacity

  • "Able to learn"
  • "Human beings are able to walk on two feet"
  • "Superman is able to leap tall buildings"
  • able

4. Having a strong healthy body

  • "An able seaman"
  • "Every able-bodied young man served in the army"
  • able
  • ,
  • able-bodied

Examples of using

I'm glad Tom was able to see you while you were in Boston.
I won't be able to remit the balance until the first of the month.
We haven't been able to get anyone to replace Tom.