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Translation meaning & definition of the word "previously" into Swedish language

Versättning betydelse & definition av ordet "tidigare" till svenska språket





1. At an earlier time or formerly

  • "She had previously lived in chicago"
  • "He was previously president of a bank"
  • "Better than anything previously proposed"
  • "A previously unquestioned attitude"
  • "Antecedently arranged"
  • previously
  • ,
  • antecedently

1. Vid en tidigare tidpunkt eller tidigare

  • "Hon hade tidigare bott i chicago"
  • "Han var tidigare president för en bank"
  • "Bättre än något tidigare föreslaget"
  • "En tidigare obestridd attityd"
  • "Föregående arrangerad"
  • tidigare

Examples of using

This sentence has not previously been added to the Tatoeba project.
Denna mening har inte tidigare lagts till i Tatoeba-projektet.
He arrived two days previously.
Han kom två dagar tidigare.