What the media say about us

“This translation app is putting Google translate to shame ”
“LingvaNex is like Google Translate on steroids. And its abilities are pretty amazing.”
“If you work internationally, this translation tool is a must-have ”
“Lingvanex Translator makes it easy to stay on top of global digital media: It lets you instantly translate text, voice, images, websites, and documents into various languages. ”
“When Google Translate isn't enough, LingvaNex Translator takes you that extra mile.”
“Lingvanex Translator is all about helping people to read, write, and speak different languages.”
“Whatever you input, regardless of language, LingvaNex Translator will release a strong translation so you can communicate more seamlessly and keep moving forward. ”
“One piece of software that does seem to have all the features is the LingvaNex Translator, a language app that really does help you understand languages instantly - no matter what their source.”
“This language app opens up a whole new world of possibilities”
“This App is Like Having a Personal Translator by Your Side at All Times”
“Sheltering at home won't last forever. This translator is a traveler's best friend.”
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